Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nothing New

A couple of greedy readers have mentioned, in person, that they're tired of the previous post and asked why don't I get something else up. Fact is I've been sick. Nothing any reasonable person would consider serious. But, as many of you know, I'm not sick very often and I'm not a very good sport about it. So, most of the week I've been listening to CSPAN and playing Civ III and feeling a little sorry for myself.

But now the weather's turned nice. The snow's all gone and there are hundreds of Winter Aconites and Snowdrops blooming. I heard the first Phoebes Tuesday and I thought I heard Peepers, but maybe they were Wood Frogs.

Friday Tang and Murphy braved the mud to come help me clean the barn. There are places where the mud comes dangerously close to the top of my boots. Tang and Murphy were good company and honestly I kept at it longer than I would have without them.

Dragging a cart full of manure to the garden gave me a chance to look around the deer winter feedlot - uh - I mean vegetable garden. Sure enough. They've already eaten the rhubarb and daylilies. They'll survive. But I've got to start paying attention.

Okay. Now you know I'm alive and relatively well. Maybe in the next couple of days, my mind will kick back in.


Maggy said...

about time you got around to this, lady!

kidding. though i'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and that the pets are well enough to "assist" you in cleaning the barn.


David said...

Now we'll get 10 days of your Kentucky Derby plans as the top post! j/k. Sadly, I'll be out of town on the 5th so I'll miss your party for one.