Sunday, February 04, 2007

Clutter Party

My friend, Robin, is a professional organizer. Her idea of a fun afternoon, bless her heart, is helping me with the disaster area I call "the box room." It's one of two, maybe three (okay, four), cluttered spots in my house. It's where I put all stuff I can't decide what else to do with; or don't have time to do whatever it is I plan to do with it.

Yesterday Robin hosted a "Clutter Party." I carefully steered Belinda away from calling it the Rubbish Party. Whereupon she started referring to it as the Hazardous Waste Party. Today she's aptly calling it the Disaster Relief Party. It should be noted that Belinda has NO clutter in her life. She just wouldn't tolerate it. So, it was with some delight that she read my horoscope yesterday:
You're driven by the unobtainable. As soon as you discover exactly how to obtain this particular object of desire, it'll instantly be replaced by something even more unobtainable.

The idea of the Clutter Party is that we each bring a box of clutter to the party in hopes of finding new homes our treasures and junk. Judging each individual item on its own merits, it's really not surprising that things that have been cluttering up one person's space are just what someone else needs - or at least wants.

I can certainly see this Santa banner gracing some one's porch next holiday season.

And this copper Turkish coffee set... I think Turkish coffee may be the new espresso.

Incidentally, the black and white belt Susie's wearing in the picture, which I think really sets off the outfit, was someone else's clutter.

There were funny stories of how various things were acquired and why the owner is ready to part with them. One person's Mexican cookbook - in Spanish - a gift from her mother-in-law, who knew that she doesn't speak Spanish; another person's rings from former lovers.

Robin's pretty familiar with my clutter. So, I knew I didn't dare claim the most excellent basket I coveted. I have dozens of baskets. I only use a few of them, but I find baskets hard to resist. I did acquire a brass planter (of which I also have dozens), a Barenaked Ladies Christmas album and (wait for it) a fifth of Haig scotch.

So, everyone happily packed up their treasures and left things that didn't find a home for Robin to drop off at the Salvation Army. Many items of clothing which were just the wrong color or didn't fit the person who loved the color, will be donated to the Women's Opportunity Center.

It was a bit like Christmas, with the added advantage that everything was free and we could pick our own gifts.


Belinda said...

Did you actually get RID of any clutter? Drink a bit of that Scotch and try again. I can point you towards the burn pile if needed.

Endment said...

What a fantastic idea --- now if I can just find someone to organize one for me -- I might find my energy under all the stuff if I could get organized :)