Thursday, August 17, 2006

Maggy Has a Very Bad Day and Lives to Laugh About It

It's a sad day that goes by without at least one thought worth writing down. And it looks like I've had quite a few lately. But my quiet days are a blessing compared to Maggy's bad day. Note that #7 of the nine bad things that happened that day was getting hit by a cab. And it gets no more emphasis in the bad day story than the bad hair and new office phone system. At the time she didn't think she was hurt enough to see a doctor, but, of course, when her body had time to think it over it rebelled and her leg and hip are giving her a pretty bad time now.

So I was delighted to see her sense of humor return in her blog post this morning. In case you have a slow dial-up connection like mine and are not inclined to click on links, I'm going to cut and paste here 'cause this made me laugh out loud and it may brighten your day too:
"So, I had to get into work early this morning. Not too much of a problem (aside from the fact that the mouse family gets annoyed when I get up early, apparently). I throw together an outfit, I hop on the subway. I hobble to work. I greet our speakers, take them to the meeting and decide to reward myself with a super coffee from Starbucks. You know, the EXTRA caffeinated kind, because I need it.

So I order my grande iced vanilla latte, light ice, light vanilla and then I realize I can't remember how to ask for the extra shots of espresso that make it extra caffeinated.

And I say, "Also I need the thing, you know the stuff with the extra, the thing that makes it more, the caffeine is more inside, the thing that makes it more awake for me?"

I kid you not, the entire Starbucks stopped. [ed. I'm trying to imagine how loud and desperate she may have sounded at this point.] And I said "You know? The thing?" And they all laughed. I think they may actually rename the extra shot "The thing that makes it more awake for me."

The bright side of this is, I got a triple shot of espresso for free. But it's only 9 am, and I'm not sure how long that will last..."

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