Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

I like to think everyone has a space in the house that is less well organized than they would like. This is one (of three) such spaces in my house - the place where I fail to file the mountains of reports I get from and for the Town Board. There's Tang in the back of the drawer that's never closed.

There is no Friday chicken blogging, but here they are anyway. Looks like they're waiting for the tea party to begin.

There's also no Friday garden blogging and there really should be. Here are my exuberant Glads, better this year than ever. That yellow one is over my head, as are the tomatoes in the background on the right. In fairness, I should say they have a six inch headstart in the raised beds.


Endment said...

You really caught me with this post! Your "less well organized" files look pretty good to me - we are in the midst of trying to get rid of 45 years of accumulation :)
Years ago I shared space with chickens and enjoyed all but one banty rooster (may he rest in peace)

The glads are beautiful... It even looks cool ...

Mary Ann said...

Endment! Welcome back. Good luck with sorting out your accumulated stuff. I've been trying for years to acquire less and less and get rid of more and more. Even so, it seems like I barely keep even.