Friday, October 07, 2005

What was I thinking?

This year, like every one of the past 15 years, I vowed I wouldn't acquire any plants for which I didn't have specific plans. To qualify the plan is supposed to be more specific than "It's pretty and I don't have one yet."

This year, like every other, I failed. But this year I failed spectacularly. It started small with a dozen perennials from a local half-price sale. Then it was a few shrubs that I felt sorry for at Agway 'cause they were so neglected I was pretty sure they'd die. This started a major downslide into late summer sales and Plants for Life bargains culminating with nearly 100 free plants salvaged from Plants for Life overstock after the sale.

Consequently, I've spent the past four days furiously clearing new areas and planting. This new area includes Alchemilla, dianthus, Geum and Lychnis. It will be backed by junipers and barberry that I hope will be relatively resistant to deer damage.

In desperation, with rain forecast, I sank about 30 plants in vegetable bed that had already been cleared for next year. I promise I'll plant them next spring before the space is needed for vegetables.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the 200 bulbs Bill bought for me. Including more of these lovely Cyclamen hederifolium, which is blooming now in the border under the west living room window.

I'm exhausted and thankfully, it's raining today. I have to get groceries and I should be working on the framing for Bill's show that's opening Thursday - oh, and the Dryden Town budget workshop at 4:00.


Jan said...

I like your blog - it's interesting.
I haven't even planted all the bulbs I got and I live much farther north.
They're probably sprouting in the basement...

Maggy said...

Can't wait to see all the new plants this weekend...

The plant sale reminds me a bit of Jacqui's job- it's like you were a matchmaker for plants, and you ended up going out with the ones that you couldn't find any good matches for.

Or maybe it's not a lot like Jacqui's job.

j&c said...

That sounds like me and fabric: I have to go into full mental resistance mode just to avoid buying fabric that I have no specific plans for.

The pictures of the garden look pretty though. Hopefully, you can sort through the veggie garden next year.

Mary Ann said...

Ha. There's a bumper sticker around here that says "She who dies with the most fabric wins." But I gave up my fabric collection a few years ago.