Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Bill's been cleaning his room. We won't talk about how long it's been since he last cleaned it, but he found his World War II helmet. This inspired an afternoon of stories about his years in Burma and India during the war. He became a reconnaissance photographer because of the years he worked at Kodak trying to save enough money to go to Cornell. He wrangled an assignment in Asia 'cause, as a biologist, he thought it would be more interesting than Europe. And it was.

Yesterday Clinton Cornell and his father, Clinton Cornell Sr, delivered hay. I took a break from loading it into the loft to go get a jug of water. When I came back this is what I found. Clinton Sr is about Bill's age and they reminisced about storing loose hay on their family farms in the 20's and 30's.

They got back to work. I helped - honestly - when I wasn't taking pictures. We chatted after the hay was stored. Clinton Sr mentioned that he has a bulldozer. I jumped on the info with "Do you build ponds?" And, yes! He loves to build ponds. We walked over to the area where I've long dreamed of having a pond. He agrees it would be a great site. He said he wishes he'd know a few weeks ago - this dry season would have been ideal for digging. But I'm excited! We'll definitely do it next summer.

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