Friday, June 10, 2005

More Trouble

More trouble Posted by Hello

As if I weren't having enough trouble, this guy and his two siblings were trying to reach the bird feeders again. So, I brought the bird feeders in and eventually they gave up. I'm a little worried about the goldfish on the deck.

I also want to say that Alan Greenspan is the greatest. He makes his thinking so clear. So, I've kind of got it about higher short term interest and lower long term interest and globalization. I've had a grip on the debt issue for a long time. But a committee member asked, "Other than raising taxes or cutting spending, is there anything we can do?" Greenspan answers, "Not that I know of." He's not overly concerned about the debt. But he did seem concerned about our ability to continue paying the interest on it. Since you have to have something of value to pay it with, he thinks we need much better educated workers to achieve a competitive level of production. It's a good point.

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