Friday, September 17, 2004

Sunny days

We've had several days of sun this month. When did I ever think that would be noteworthy? So, I've been planting all the things I bought by mail order in the spring and at the plant sale last month.

I cleared part of the woodland east of the path and planted a golden chain tree, Harry Lauder's walking stick, 3 Russian Olives, a quince, Clethra and probably more I can't remember at the moment. A number of herbaceous perennials including Huechera, Campanulas and Primulas. Transplanted some Christmas Ferns from the woods.

Finally weeded most of the garden near the pool. I took out lots of the self sown Echinacea and moved some of it to the edge of the meadow. I took out most of the bearded Iris and moved them to the sunny spot on the hill near the driveway. All this made room for the Asclepias and Delphinium I bought at the plant sale.

I realize all this couldn't possibly mean much to anyone reading this. I'm just writing to keep in practice. I'll get new pictures up soon on my website.

Last night Belinda and I were talking about things to do including a final season mowing of the trails. She mentioned building a bridge across the brook on the east trail and was talking about how much she likes the bridge at the edge of the lawn. It's so inviting. I looked toward the bridge and a Great Blue Heron was walking across it. What a sight! Of course, I didn't have the camera handy and the heron wouldn't wait. Still I have a pretty good mental image. I'll ask Bill to paint it --or maybe to carve it.

I'm reading Bel Canto for the book club and Robinson Crusoe and The Republic and even the Bible for my head. And enjoying Dan Brown's Deception Point at bedtime.

So today it's raining. Maybe I'll plod onward with the installation of the new lighting project. I bought fluorescent lights to install over the eight foot living room window in hopes of warding off the seasonal depression. My major accomplishment so far has been to learn to spell fluorescent (I think) and to map most of the electrical circuits in the west part of the house so I can figure out how to wire the new lights.

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