Tuesday, September 28, 2004

So, I'm determined to keep to some kind of schedule in order to accomplish more of the things I want to do. One of the things I want to do is write in this blog more regularly. But I spent half an hour trying to figure out the "Hello" program which says it will enable me to post pictures to the blog. Now I've got this entry in my blog which says "Bill Sketching" - the caption I entered for the photo I'm trying to publish. When I click on it I get the welcome screen for "Hello." So this is an okay way for them to promote the program but it doesn't do much for my effort to publish pictures. I guess I should stick to my original goal - writing.

Maggy's getting ready to move to New York. Among the many things she wants before she moves is a new pillow case for her body pillow - the one she calls "Man pillow." They're kind of hard to find and the color selection leaves a lot to be desired. So I bought some fabric and made a really nice pillow case. I made one for her new apartment where her room is decorated around the fish picture I gave her - blue and lavender and red. The pillow case is a nice tiny blue and lavender plaid. And I'm embroidering little red flowers on it. I also made one for her room here which is black and white and orange. The orange fabric has a faint pattern of little leaves. So I outline randomd leaves with black stitching. I think it's nice 'cause the sticthing will remind her that my hands actually touched the fabric and made it special for her.

My hands are actually pretty sore from pruning the wild roses near the vegetable garden. We want to cut some of the pine trees on the west side of the garden to let in more afternoon light. There's a lot of Rosa multiflora there - growing 20 or 30 feet up the trees in some places. Much of the growth at the bottom is just dead branches that have long since been shaded out. Clearing it out will make it easier to get near the trees we want to cut. But my technique is more meditative that constructive. With my hand pruners I start near the ground and cut each branch into 3 or 4 inch pieces and let them fall on the ground. Generally speaking, I don't have to handle the thorny branches that way. But somehow I still get stabbed now and then. Anyway, I've cleared about 100 square feet and exposed half a dozen trees.

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