Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Last Week

Good grief! Where did the week go? Hmmm....

Well. The wood is nearly stacked. And the compost is nearly all turned. And I finally planted the new Japanese Maple. Last weekend we succeeded in opening a trail along the east boundary from the sugar maples to the bridge (which time had reduced to a single mossy beam.) And from the northeast corner of the garden, along the brook to the bridge. Last Friday Bill and I walked up the powerline right-of-way and cut east intending to come out on the trail we had opened up last week. But with repeatedly taking the path of least resistance we ended up coming out in the pasture -- overall about the most difficult route we could possibly have taken.

Bill just brought me the 3 pints of raspberries he picked. Shall I make more jam? Well, at least I'd better go visit with him a while.

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Darlene said...

Taking the most difficult route, following the brook to the bridge... Oftentimes these routes lead us to the greatest pleasures in our lives, don't they? This is how we find new experiences, new life, that makes us grow inwardly.