Saturday, February 27, 2010

The View From My Office Window

Some of my favorite things: icicles and snowdrifts.

The ice on the left is an icicle that's been growing for weeks. There was an office pool on when it would reach the ground. Can't say for sure it's on the ground yet, but it's joined up with the snowdrift under the window.

It was a challenge getting to work. By 8:15 we'd fed the animals and cleared the long driveway, but the County plow hadn't yet touched the road. Seriously. Not touched. It was 18" of fresh snow marred only by the tracks of one vehicle that had managed to drive by without benefit of the plow. By the time I was dressed for the office, the plow had gone by and, of course, filled in the end of the driveway.

I had interviews scheduled all day with applicants for our job opening. I admire the committment of the person with the 9:00 appointment who politely declined an offer to reschedule for 1:00 saying she'd be fine getting in to Dryden. I warned her I'd be a little late.


KAZ said...

Hmm. Does that icicle mean there's heat loss from the new building???

Mary Ann said...

Well, there may be. I know people always say that when I complain about the icicle over my back door at home. I'm sure there is heat loss in my attic. But if there weren't, wouldn't the snow melted by the sun still make icicles?

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

not a bad view at all... cheers!