Saturday, December 20, 2008

Delivering the Mail

Bill brings the mail in everyday but yesterday it was more of a challenge than usual. First he had to search for the mailbox.

He found it several yards down the road in the snowbank. The steel is stronger than it looks. He couldn't bend it enough with his hands to get it open. So he brought it to me like this. Notice especially the package inside.

I should mention that the mailbox was mounted on a well designed pipe that's installed about five feet back from the shoulder of the road and extends horizontally far enough for the mailman to reach it. In fact, it's designed to swing aside if it gets hit. And it's survived this way for decades.

For some long forgotten reason, this part of Neimi Road is a county road. In the past, through a shared services agreement, the town has been responsible for plowing it. Maybe that's why the county has neglected to resurface the road for such a long time. This year , for reasons too complex to describe, the county is plowing it and so far I'm not that happy about it. Sigh.

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