Sunday, September 21, 2008


As we got into the big building project this spring, I knew I wouldn't have time for gardening. Luckily, a month earlier Bill and I had already discussed how many tomatoes and what kind to plant. So, as I supervised the carpenters, Bill went ahead and planted the tomatoes. While the bunnies gobbled up the chard, broccoli and beans, the tomatoes thrived.

Belinda may be right that a lot of things I plant die. But the ones that don't, make the whole effort worthwhile.

I've tried unsuccessfully several times in several places to grow this Japanese Anemone. This is its third year in this spot. So, I'm beginning to think I've won and I'm really happy with it.

This birdbath is another great success.

There's something very warm and fuzzy about seeing the birds enjoying the running water. While they don't often bathe in it, they do regularly drink from it.

(P.S. The seed stalk in front of the birdbath is another gardening success. Like the Anemone above, I had tried to grow Cardinal Flower in several places. I finally hit on this spot where the water spashing out of the birdbath keeps the soil moist. Here the Cardinal Flower is thriving and self-sowing. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it. Oh, well. Maybe next year.)

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