Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Odd Jobs

Sometimes with so many construction guys around, it's better just to get away and work on one of the many other necessary projects on the imaginary list.

Our garden wagon took its last gasp last week. It's about twenty-five years old and we've never babied it. It's carried manure, firewood, compost, maple sap, people, mulch, rocks. There's rarely room for it in the garage after all its hard work. So, its varnish is long gone.

I'd probably just keep patching it up, but B, who never does anything halfway, got some roughcut hemlock at the nearby sawmill and totally reconstructed the wagon.

There are never pictures of me on the blog 'cause I'm the one taking the pictures. But since B was in charge of these before and after pictures, Murphy and I jumped into the spotlight.

On the topic of B's pictures, this is the one she thinks should be my new headshot. What do you think?

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