Monday, January 14, 2008

Gardening Plans

My opportunity for a "jump start" is rapidly shrinking. As I struggle to adapt to my new job and to get the holiday decorations put away, the seed catalogs are piling up tauntingly on the counter. The March-like weather we've been having makes me feel like I'm weeks behind in planning. Simon's idea for an hour of gardening a day is a good one.

Bill's been building a deluxe model cold frame so we'll be able to start more things early - or earlier - than we usually do. That leads to my rethinking my standard schedule and choices of varieties. If I start lettuce and spinach in the cold frame there will be more space in the raised beds. I can start more annual flowers (tho' I think this is a bad year to try more of anything.)

I must say I find myself drawn to colorful varieties. Easter Egg radishes, Bright Lights Chard, Rainbow or Kaleidoscope carrots and an amazing array of colors of peppers and tomatoes.

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