Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leslie's House

It was no surprise to catch Leslie on a ladder yesterday. But I''m really glad I got there in time to record the all-important color samples before she painted over them. I'm sure Leslie will want to remember them and I know my sister will want to study them. Which one would you choose?

Confused? Can't see the difference, you say? Believe me when I tell you, it's not the photo.

Here. I've sampled them and labeled the RGB values. See? No, really. Do not adjust your set. They are, shall we say, very similar.

So similar, in fact, that I think the color the painter suggested was altogether different. It looks great though, doesn't it?

Here's the next great decision she faces. My sister will like this one, too. The porch ceiling color. Visible only, I should point out, when you're sitting on the porch looking up.


Leslie said...

Hey! Hey! Hey! There is no "color the painter suggested." In fact, the color is one of those you've presented - I believe its the one on the far right. It does look quite different translated from the 4x4 patch to the house.

Just goes to show...(?)


Mary Ann said...

I stand corrected.

By the way, my sister, whose browser apparently doesn't let her comment here, had no trouble distinguishing among the samples and describing them.