Monday, March 05, 2007


My writing is sometimes influenced by the people I know read it on a regular basis. One friend reads every Saturday. (Hi, Ros.) A couple of friends often say they like my writing. (Hi, Leslie and Susanne.) And there's my family. (Hi, Cyn, Maggy, Sarah.) Even some political colleagues. (Marty, is that you?)

But I wish more of my friends had blogs to share. It's easy. At the top of this page, toward the right, is a button for "Get your own blog." Blogger will ask you to make up a user id. Don't agonize over this - it's never visible to the public. Then you have an opportunity to name the blog and choose a template to control the appearance of the blog. Again, no need to put too much effort into it - it's changeable.

And you're off. Writing the posts is no more difficult than writing email.

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Doreen Dupont MD said...

Dear Mary Ann,
I am enjoying your blog. Wish I were there too.
How can I write to Bill at Five Wells? My letter came returned.