Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Moving On

I'm elated over the results of the election. And I'm happy it's over for the moment and we can all talk about other things for a while.

On Monday, at Time Goes By, Ronnie posted a growing list of movies of interest to people over fifty. (She calls people over fifty "elders." I call them/us "grown-ups.") Each movie is linked to its entry on IMDB so you can easily get some information about it. Criteria for inclusion on the list are:

  • Films about being old or getting old
  • Films with elder characters that are well acted or portrayed
  • Films that may not be about aging overall, but include good scenes about or
    with elders
  • Films that add to our understanding of or celebrate what getting older is
    really like
  • A lot of my favorite movies are on this list. I'll definitely carry the list with me to the video store.

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