Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals

If you don't read Pharyngula on a regular basis, you've been missing a lot of fun and today would be a great time to jump in. The current issue of The Carnival of the Liberals is there, and PZ has clung boldly to his own tendency "to promote godless secularism and grappling with real world issues in science," in the process of selecting ten blog posts from forty-five submissions. Science and godless secularism go hand in hand for me. Throw in some politics and I'm hooked on reading and following links for an hour or two.

A soft starting place at the carnival is Am I a liberal? from The Questionable Authority.

For more of a challenge, read Unholy Alliances and the Monolith at The Intelligent Party addressing how to deal with Evangelical Christians from a political standpoint.

Really, every article is good and important. Choose your own favorite.

And if you still have blog reading time on your clock, go look at I and the Bird with Mike's brother-in-law's clever theme of birds and books.

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