Thursday, July 21, 2005

Africa and Sister Agnes

Sister Agnes said there was no point in studying Africa because it changed so much. She was reputed to be in her eighties when she was my high school history teacher in 1965. So, perhaps it had changed a lot in her lifetime. Wouldn't that be all the more reason to study it? Anyway, it remains a gap in my otherwise fine Catholic school education.

In my continuing effort to fill the gaps, I found these maps. I posted the map of Africa over the kitchen sink. I admit that at first glance I can only accurately place four or five countries on the map. And there are several countries whose names I don't recognize. Ask me again next month.

Then perhaps I'll move on to Carl Sandburg. "Fog comes in on little cat feet..." was okay. But "Chicago" was not poetry 'cause it was ugly. If Sister Agnes read this she'd be furious that I used the contraction... Or perhaps my spelling of Sandburg. I tried to confirm it with a Vivisimo search and found 204 references to Sandburg and 77 references to Sandberg. This is surely not an area where majority should rule.

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